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Audio Hub

Reviews and Archives from Everywhere

Launched January 1st 2013, Audio Hub provides a daily destination to view new audio reviews from over 40 sites (updated each morning at 9:00 am EST) plus an ever-growing archive database of past reviews organized by product category. Audio Hub cuts through the layers, search engines and clutter to give you exactly what you want: instant access to new audio reviews. A complete list of our 40 source sites can be found below.

As the reality of the internet becomes ever more diverse and fractured, there is a need to have an aggregator or collection point to gather reviews together in one place. Audio Hub is this aggregator, resulting in a faster and more efficient process for both review publishers and audiophiles. Publishers have an additional link to their postings improving SEO and audiophiles have a summarized list each day of every new review and instant access to the database archive.

Visit Audio Hub each day, see all that is new and use it as a guide to help you decide where to go next.

Jason McGuire


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